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Inside Home Recording Studio

Many people are curious about the things insider a recording studio. It is not uncommon to see people are asking about this question because they are curios about the equipments inside a recording studio because those equipments can result in great music that they love.

Rap Beats – Learn How to Record Your Vocals Professionally and Cheaply!

Vocal Recording Tips for Rappers and Singers: If you’re a rapper or singer and you’ve got a great song idea you need a way to make it a reality. Recording your vocals on Rap Beats and Instrumentals is an important step in the music creation process. But did you know you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get your vocals recorded professionally? Now days you can do it on a budget and still get amazing results. This is something a lot of rappers and singers who buy rap beats and R&B beats don’t know or think about. This Rap Beats article is part of a series on becoming a successful independent Urban Music Artist (Rapper, Singer, etc).

Have You Tried Multi-Track Software?

Ever wondered how DJs play music on the radio? How dancers mash up the music for routines? Or artists always seem to have new music ideas? It’s all done with multi-track recording software. The software is a user friendly program that everybody can use, creating audio production in minutes.

Information on Caribbean Music

Caribbean music is one of the most popular music all over the world. It a uniquely inventive music and there is different rhythm for every island. The Caribbean music is very lively and joyful.

The BRITs British Album of the Year Nominees

The BRIT Awards 2011 will be held at The O2 in London on Tuesday 15th February and will be broadcast live on ITV1. What are the best albums of 2010? This article looks at the nominees for Mastercard British Album of the Year.

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