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10 Ways to Promote Yourself and Your Music

Learn effective ways to promote yourself and your music. Promote and market yourself and your music to succeed in the music world.

Dream Big With a Beat Maker

Do you have dreams of becoming a top music producer? You aren’t gonna get anywhere twiddling your thumbs and hoping for something to happen. Take action NOW and you will start to see things changing for the best.

Are You Really Ready to Sign a Record Deal?

Signing a record deal is a huge step. Don’t try to take it until you know what you are getting into.

Is Professional Mastering Worth the Price?

Over the years, the recording industry has changed considerably. The Beatles recorded their first album in one afternoon, yet five years later, it took them months to do the same thing. Some bands spend weeks and weeks in the studio, spending a fortune on recording just one song.

Why an Online Music Mastering Studio Is a Great Idea

If you are trying to produce one song or an entire CD of songs, you know how expensive the production of it can be. Even just trying to put out one song and make it even remotely like anything you might hear on the radio can cost thousands of dollars or more. So, it is no surprise that a lot of musicians fail to get their first works mastered, because they have already exhausted their funds.

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