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5 Online Music Marketing Ideas – For Beginners

For those of you who are new to singing and/or just beginning to think about marketing one of your creations (a song in digital form, a CD, an article, a book…) here are 5 music marketing ideas that can help you keep on track and in focus as you develop your own marketing strategy over time. 1. Watch & Learn. Before you begin to plot your path into marketing your work…

Creating Cool Ambiance With Lighting Equipment

Lighting indeed creates ambiance in a room. Many people are interested in learning more about lighting equipment to make sure that they know how to control the mood or ambiance in a particular room whether in the house, office, club or other business establishments.

Do You Really Need to Have Your Music Mastered Professionally?

Most of the commercially manufactured and popular music you may hear and buy will be produced with a healthy budget and to high professional industry standards. Which most likely will involve sending the album or single to a mastering engineer who puts the final polish and tweaks on a mix before it goes into mass production. But so many independent albums and self-made creative music is now composed, produced and mixed in more budget environments, maybe even using only a laptop and one microphone. So what is the mastering process and does it really matter?

DIY Mastering Your Music

Mastering your music is the last stage in the music production process. Essentially you are putting the final finishing touches to a mix in the aim of it sounding its best on the variety of listening systems and for radio play. Nowadays many independent musicians can make their music at home, on a laptop and therefore may consider doing the mastering themselves, especially if budget is tight.

5 Things You Should Know About Buying Beats Online

If you are an up and coming artist looking to buy beats online, here are a few points to consider before you make purchases for your next project. Tip – 1 Know what type of beat you are looking for! Before you buy beats online, you should first have some basic idea of what kind of beats you want for your projects.

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