Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Nirrvana , Led Zeppelin, U2, Aerosmith – Best Slow Rock Ballads 80’s, 90’s

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Young(Ish), Gifted and Unsigned

In the last few years the number of new acts breaking into the mainstream has considerably dropped. But in our changing times when absolutely everyone with no more than a video recorder on their mobile phone can be up on YouTube within minutes, how do we measure success, a short search online reveals many many young (and not so young) talented, unsigned artists.

Why Should a Band Have Their Own Website?

With more people using the Internet in their daily lives, and using it as a tool for discovering and researching new music, it is vital for a band to have their own website. This article explains why.

Get a Better Guitar Tone!

In my many years of working in the musical instrument retail sector, I’ve seen so many new guitarists look totally mystified when trying to discover how to get the guitar sound they’ve heard on their favourite bands records… In cases such as this, I find its good to break the “chain” down to its individual parts – Guitar, signal processors, and amplifier. Once we know what kind of musical genre the guitarist wants to play, we can start to offer some advice on selection the right gear for the job.

How to Mix Tracks Like a Professional DJ

Improved technological knowhow has led to the rise of high-tech devices that people can use to play music and mix different tracks during ceremonies. However, owning the correct type of equipment and countless tracks of songs is not enough to qualify anyone as a worthy DJ. In order to earn respect that great DJs command, you have to be an exceptionally good track mixer. You have to learn the ropes of proper beat matching and the art of fading music before introducing the next track. Besides that, you have to thoroughly understand all music genres and various techniques that can be used to produce thrilling music depending on the mood and the theme of the event.

Tips for Bands Recording and DIY Sound Engineers

There are some things that can be done to drastically improve studio efficiency not matter the level. The things that transcend all tiers of studios is usually on the side of the musician. Here are some tips for ease of pain in the studio.

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