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How to Book Your Own Music Act

Don’t Be Afraid to Call About Gigs, etc. When it comes to cold-calling for gigs, it can be quite nerve-racking. However, you shouldn’t be afraid!

Developing Artists

I’ve been developing artists for 20+ years in the heart of New York City. I have worked with thousands of emerging artists. I watched them become famous right before my eyes. And I’ve helped hundreds find their voice, write their songs, craft their style and create successful music careers. Helping artists find themselves artistically my passion and love. All of my life has been dedicated to being a musician, singer, and songwriter – and as I have walked the path, I help others walk theirs.

Music Labels Looking for Artists – How To Get Signed Quick!

Finding good music labels looking for artists is trickier than ever these days because the music industry is not making as much money as it once was. You have to work MUCH harder to stand out now.

Do You Market Your Music Online Using This Google Loophole?

In this article I want to talk to you about a secret method to market your music online that I’m not hearing anyone else talk about at the moment. I think that is just because a lot of people want to keep their music marketing tactics hidden thinking everyone will copy them. But I don’t care about that stuff because I know that in the end only really cool music can be marketed well and you can’t really cheat the system.

Cheap CD Duplication – Don’t Pay $5 Per CD – Read This Now!

This guide is for musicians looking for a method of cheap CD duplication so that you can start to get your stuff around to the record companies, or even do a small release that you can sell at your gigs. First off I want to say that to achieve cheap CD duplication you should stop thinking about getting it done by an outside company and decide to go the DIY method. Follow these steps and you should be fine.

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