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Is CD Music Replication a Dying Practice?

We live in an age where there isn’t as much demand for tangible media formats. With people downloading things online, they don’t always want to purchase a hard copy of the latest DVD, book or CD. Should the forward movement of technology stop you from using CD music replication for your band?

Where Does the Money Come From?

Show me the Money! That means a LIVE show it the only way.

Step by Step CD Music Duplication

Using a CD music duplication service for the first time can be confusing if you aren’t sure what the process is like. By following this easy to use, step by step guide, you will do just fine.

Wonder Girls, Korean Girls Band With ‘Nobody’ Hits

This lyric is probably familiar for the people all around the world. It is because this lyric is the part of the song ‘Nobody’ performed by Wonder Girls. Wonder Girls is the girl band from the South Korea which now starts to debut in America.

Korean Idols’ Professionalism In Facing The Microphone Problems

During the performance in the live performance, the idols and singers can face any problem. They may face the problems such as falling, fly shoes, bump with the dancer, or the most common problem is the microphone problem. One of the popular live stages nowadays is the Korean Idols live stage.

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