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How to Do Professional Music Recording

Professional music recording is very hard to be done if you do not know the technique. If you want to do professional recording you should know the good distance of a monitor stand to get the good sound in recording process. Commonly the distance of the microphone and singer is around three to eight inches. A really good vocal technique will boost the sound in a recorded song.

Anything About Microphones That Every Musician Needs to Know

Microphones are very important for recording because it determines how well the vocals sound in a recording. You need to use high quality microphone in order to get good vocal recording. I believe that cheap microphones are not what you are looking for because most of them are not designed to allow good vocal recording.

How to Record Acoustic Guitar

Many people love to play acoustic guitars. Those guitars are one of the most favorite instruments that many people can play. Microphones are usually needed in recording acoustic guitar. You need to get the good quality one in order to record the sound in high quality.

Guides to Be A Good Singer

Many people want to be a singer but not all of them have the talent of a singer. If you wish to be a singer, you can join the course and learn from good trainer. This way can be expensive and take long time. It is also possible to do self practice at home. You do not need to spend a lot of money because you do not have to hire a trainer.

How To DJ Like a Pro and Work Your Crowd

Does learning how to DJ interest you? Does the thought of making your own original music and playing your own beats in front of an energetic crowd exhilarate you? Do you dream of being a world renowned DJ? Becoming a DJ is easy. But don’t you want to be a great one?

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