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Booking Strategies for Musicians & Performing Artists – Establish Your Market Value for Better Gigs

Booking better gigs requires that you establish your value in each market. Here are 7 key factors you must keep track of to help pitch your act to venue bookers.

Booking Strategies for Musicians & Performing Artists – Themes Turn Gigs into Media Events

6 Booking strategies to turn your gigs into media events. 6 steps that will help you build media support, community sponsorships and increase your audience. Incorporate themes into each project, CD Release or new tour to maximize your success.

Booking Strategies for Musicians & Performing Artists – 3 Steps to Book More Gigs

Book more gigs by reducing cold calls and start making referral calls. Here are 3 booking strategies to help you increase the number of gigs you book.

The Powers That Be – Is The Music Industry Pimping The Music?

With an explosion of available music on the internet due to streaming audio websites, we should wonder why access to some of our favorite tunes are still not available? Well the answer to that question may surprise you. Who really is in control of what we listen to on our IPods? The answer WILL surprise you.

Music Business Contacts – 4 Follow-Up Tips to Streamline Your Successes

Music Business Contacts are a musician’s, life’s blood and effective, efficient follow-up can mean getting a record deal, getting reviewed or getting booked. You’ve made your initial contact, sent your first email, letter, or complete packet. Now the next step is crucial and often the difference between throwing money or time out the door or getting what you want.

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