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How to Get a Distribution Deal for Music?

But a distribution company is not going to hand out deals to just anyone. How to get a distribution deal? The most essential element is proving your saleability as an artist. How do you sell your record independently?

R and B and Hip Hop Record Companies

Young Money Entertainment, founded by Lil Wayne and distributed by Universal, is rising to prominence through the success of artists like Drake and Nicki Minaj. It’s unique in that it’s a small, specialized division of a major label, a format that may become more of a trend in hip hop and R and B music. Universal Motown is the 21st Century incarnation of Motown Records, a historic record label for R and B. In its heyday, Motown housed The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, and The Four Tops; later, it acquired Michael Jackson and Brian McKnight; today, it houses soul singer India.Arie and rapper Nick Cannon. There are also independent hip hop labels to consider, such as Hidden Beach Records. Independent hip hop and R and B labels can allow aspiring artists greater freedom and more grassroots promotions. Whatever record label you end up sending your materials to, if make sure the label has artists you admire, a good reputation, and the ability to build you up and promote you as an artist, you can’t go wrong!

How to Get a Music Publishing Deal?

This question is just as expansive and complex as the ubiquitous “how do I get a record deal?” And in this case, the answer is just as little of a quick fix. The music publishing business can be difficult to break into, especially for an new artist. Though very occasionally you can get a record deal through a single brilliant song, the surest strategy for getting your song published is to make music publishers want to publish your work.

Record Labels Looking for New Artists

If a label is actively seeking artists, they likely have more A and R people listening to demos and combing the web for new artists. And that means that you are more likely to get a record deal. How do you find out if a record label is seeking new talent? Most often, it will be right on the label’s website. Look for “Contact Us,” “FAQ,” or “Submissions” on the record label’s website. This is where you will find information about how to contact the record company, and often where to send your demo CD.

How to Get an Independent Record Deal

“How can I get a record deal?” you ask yourself. You’re not aiming for a deal at Island or Sony-that’s quite all right, and often a great place to start. What you’re looking for is an independent record deal, an indie record company that will take you under its wings and see your unique act for what it is. Good indie record companies are some of the best ways to get your band heard and to find a network of supportive producers and artists to work with. Of course, the same advice applies to those seeking an indie record deal as would apply to someone seeking a major record deal. Define your band’s sound and image, and learn how to promote your band: play at coffee shops, bars, clubs, and colleges. Design a killer website, MySpace page, and Facebook page. You also need to know how to record a song and create a demo CD. An indie label will look for a unique, ear-catching songs; listen to bands on each label to see the kinds of acts they typically sign.

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