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Making a CD Release News-Worthy

Make your CD Release news-worthy. What is news-worthy to you-may just not be news-worthy to the editor, the program director, or the producer. They are looking for items that will interest the largest segment of their readers, listeners or viewers.

How to Sing and Instantly Connect With Your Audience – For Female Musicians

No matter where you are in your career, connecting with your audience is one of the skills that will move you closer to your goals. When people feel a connection to you, they will want to become your fan and support you in your performances, and ultimately, your career.

10 Fashion Tips for Performing Female Musicians – What to Wear on Stage

One thing that all successful Female Musicians have in common is a great eye for fashion. They make their mark by either being super fashionable or very down-to-earth basic. The following 10 tips will help you develop your own vogueness as well as zero in on some of the “faux pas” to avoid.

The Opening Act: How to Maximize Your Opportunity

If you’ve landed an opening act slot for either a single date or are lucky enough to be the support act for an entire tour, then here are some tips to help you maximize your opportunity. In other words-sell more CDs, endear yourself to the main act and their crew, win over a new audience and make a great impression on the venue’s booking people to land a gig of your own in the future.

Booking and Touring Strategy: Holding Dates

Putting a Hold on a date when booking a gig is a term used by venue bookers, agents and managers. Artists who book themselves need to know this term and how to apply it as one of their key booking strategies while setting up tours.

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