Bon Jovi, Scorpions, Aerosmith, U2, Nirvana ? Best Slow Rock Ballads Of All Time?

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Indies Are Here To Stay – So Are Major Labels

After a decade of upward movement of the digital era and with much talk of a takeover, the coup d’etat is still yet to take place. If you have listened to conversations of the early days of the internet and the enthusiasm of many, the prediction was that the major labels would not be around for much longer. Some even suggested that the Charts will be completely evaded by Indie releases.

Music Performing: Are Business Cards Still Relevant for Bands?

Is handing out business cards still that relevant while out performing gigs? Well most definitely it is.

How To Become The Hottest Beat Maker – 3 Easy Steps to Get Noticed

I am going to give you an incite on what a beat maker does and how beneficial it is. A beat maker makes beats for Rappers or singers or maybe even upcoming talents. Beat makers or as i am going to address them now as producers make a lot of money in the process. Also they are very important to the music industry. Celebrities are always on the look for worthy and talented beat makers to hook them up with a hot beat.

Your Make A Beat Program Will Only Work With These 3 Things

In this article we are going to go over the clear outlines you need to have put in place so your make a beat program is not only used to make your unique beats, but also puts some money back into your projects so you can progress and expand your equipment to the next stage. In a world where people have so many things to mind, things can get a little crazy when you lose the most important part of surviving everyday life: Your motivation.

5 Things You Should Know When Trying Out Guitar Brands While Searching for Your Next Guitar

Whether it is your first guitar or you are upgrading, you may want to consider the following things. Firstly you must be excited about the guitars appeal. If you don’t care for the overall appearance or even way it feels then you will likely not be playing it much.

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