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What Does it Take to Become a Music Producer?

Do you have what it takes to become the next most sought-after music producer in the industry? Or are you simply stuck on wishful thinking and hoping that you’ll be noticed one day?

How to Get Signed to Major Record Labels in Hours!

Is your dream to get signed to major record labels? Do you want to perform and do shows all over the world? Well if this is the case, the company that can most help you is a major record label. They have the money, they have the connections, and they have the resources for your dream to come true. All you need is the talent.

The Record Deal – 7 Step Guide to What Record Labels Really Want

What do record labels really want? How to get a record deal? As a struggling unsigned artist you may be asking yourself these questions. There are many elements of an act that record labels look at before they consider signing an artist. In this article, I go into the top 7 prerequisites they consider right off the top.

Top Ways to Use the Internet to Promote Your Music

You have to think differently, and learn to use the power of the internet to promote your music! There are countless methods you can use all for free, or very little expense to promote your band and get your music heard!

MySpace Music Logo Branding And Using Fan Videos and Pictures to Promote Your Indie Music Online

This Article will discuss how to use your attractive female fans of your music to help you with the logo branding of your own music website and associated pages by utilizing attractive female dancing & shout out videos featuring your music as well as fan signed pictures and logo clothing pictures. The effectiveness of sending a DJ a dancing video along with an mp3 of your song to give a visual representation and increase chance of being played will also be discussed.

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