Bon Jovi, corpions, Aerosmith, U2, Ledzeppelin – Greatest Hits Slow Rock Ballads 70s, 80s, 90s

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Analog Versus Acid Music Studio

In this article I’m going to go into hardware; or analog, versus ACID Music Studio. Even today there is a tendency towards a preference of hardware or analog equipment over computers. Some people will say the use of the computer is not really making music.

Record Deals – 7 Hot Tips For Getting Signed to Record Labels

Before you think about sending your music into major record labels, like Jive Records, there are some things you must know. The record label representative you work with must have a vibe with you and your music. It is their job to find the next big artist, one who will get radio play and sell a lot of CD’s and MP3 downloads. If you have interest in getting a record deal, pay close attention to the following important tips to help you take your music to the next level…and get signed.

Music Recitals – How to Organize a Recital For Your Music Studio

For many music teachers, organizing a recital for their students can be a daunting task. Even seasoned teachers could use a few ideas now and then! Here are some recommendations to ensure success!

Choosing a Career in the Music Industry

Do you like the idea of having a job that surrounds you with creative and inspiring challenges? Have you ever wanted to take your love for music, video games or the movies to the next level? Do you see yourself behind the scenes making music, games or working in film?

Buy Hip Hop Beats That Match Your Style to Get a Record Label Deal and Get More Fans

So you want to buy hip-hop beats? Do you know what to look for when you are listening to those beats? Do they match your style? Learn some things to consider when you get ready to make a purchase that could determine the success of your career. Get hip hop beats. rap beats and R&B pop instrumentals to get you noticed.

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