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Rap Record Labels – How to Be the Next Big Rap Star

There are more than 100 record companies in the US alone who are constantly trying to discover the next big rap star. So as a rap star, you have a big advantage of getting noticed by one of these companies provided your act is tight, and you have killer beats to match your lyrics. As a music artist you should also remember that there is an intense completion in today’s music industry.

Independent Online Music Promotion – 6 Free Ways to Get Your Music Heard!

These 6 steps can be done without any cost, and can immediately help you get your music heard online. You need creative ways to get noticed today, start right now!

Music Production & Sound Engineering Tutorial – Noise Reduction – Cleaning a Sound File

A lesson on how to remove unwanted noise from vocal sound files/recordings. A very useful tool if you are mixing, mastering or making beats in your recording studio.

Major Record Labels

All people in the world are aware of the role of major record labels in the music industry. They are the ones behind recognizing an unknown talent and exposing the artist to the rest of the world. They have an important and pivotal role to play in the music industry.

Networking Tips For the Music Business – The Real Way to Network in the Music Industry

Now here’s a useful checklist to networking in the music business. Perhaps the most tedious networking job is that of a person in the music business.

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