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3 Things All Successful Music Producers Must Have to Sell Beats

You know what you want – to get paid as a music producer selling beats – but you don’t know how you’ll reach that goal. You need three things.  Three things that will guarantee you success at some level no matter what happens along the way.

Start and Run Your Own Record Label – 3 Amazing Benefits

Want to start and run your own record label? The prospect does sound pretty awesome, doesn’t it? As a completely independent label (or indie label), you will own all the rights to your music, produce and distribute all your own product, and possibly turn a more substantial profit than you might on a major label.

Stories From the Music Industry Trenches – “Small World”

Five years ago, a friend of mine was in negotiations for a 10 song production deal with an indie label. At the time, he had not sold a beat for more than $150 and hadn’t worked with any known artists.

Shopping Your Music in Today’s Music Industry

Here is a general idea of what to expect when you are shopping your own music in today’s music industry. I’ve spent hundreds of hours screening music for various A&R’s, Artists and Companies and have some experience in this field.

A Look at the Future For Those Who Want to Start a Record Label

In the old days, wanting to start a record label would involve funding and organizing a recording, then manufacturing, distribution, marketing, accounting etc.. Technology has impacted this model in a massive way by ultimately removing a lot of the parts of the traditional record label. Although there is definitely manufacturing and distribution going on at the record label of today, the record label of tomorrow will mainly be dealing with sourcing talent and promoting it to the tribes that it serves.

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