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Easy Guidelines on How to Start a Indie Record Label

Do you play an active role in your local music scene? Do you know a lot of people who would make great artists? Do you sometimes wish that you had more influence on people’s taste in music?

The Reason Why You Are at the Same Level in Your Music Career

If you own a television with the capability to use picture-in-picture, you’ll understand that staying completely on one channel is tough. Seriously. How can I watch the NBA game when the other soccer game I have on the screen just went into sudden death, all while the food network finally unveiled the secret to the perfect pumpkin pie. That picture-in-picture makes that all possible, but LIFE doesn’t have that capability.

Touring – How to Make Touring As Simple As Possible

Touring can be hard without following a set plan. Small baby steps will add up to a huge step over time. Smart thinking beats hard work any day.

How Internet Makes Indie Music Promotion Easier

While the music industry is teeming with rags-to-riches story, anybody worth his salt will tell you that landing a record deal is difficult as hell. Talent is the easiest commodity to trade and discard under the kleig lights so if you think you can coast through your skills again, you’re in for a hard reality check. The Grammy Award winners and the top sellers all went through a period of hard work and even hunger pangs before they enjoyed the position they’re in now. Apart from the very lucky few, they all share a common experience: indie music promotion.

Using Twitter to Promote Your Music

With all the buzz and popularity surrounding different social networking mediums, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the impact these websites make in today’s music scene. Your information, updates, releases, photos, and thoughts can be broadcast across the internet for millions to see, effectively conveying news to old and new fans alike. Even better, all of this promotion is essentially free with the cost of an internet connection, which nearly everyone has access to these days.

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