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How to Market a New Music Band

You have started your new band and your new tracks sound great. In this article we discuss creative ways to market your music and how to given your band the best chance of getting sold out gigs every time you play.

How to Get a Deal

Stop day dreaming and take action. Don’t dream that tomorrow you are going to be a superstar, stay focussed, do it step after step and grow. Try to make a deal with a local label and take advantage of their knowledge and equipment before contacting huge label.

History of Epiphone Acoustic Guitar

The Epiphone Company has a history that spans 138 years and reaches not only across the Atlantic Ocean but to the shores of the Aegean Sea. Its history and reputation is a checkerboard of success and failure, of both bad choices and sound decisions. But when it is all sorted out, Epiphone acoustic guitars are still considered a top-notch instrument that any guitar player would be proud to own.

The Booking Agent: What You Need To Know – Part 1

In this industry, the term “agent” is commonly used to refer to a party whose specific role is booking live performance gigs (“engagements”) and arranging for payments from the hiring parties. In this regard, then, the music artist agent, commonly referred to as a “booking agent”, commonly assumes a more limited function than would the agent of, say, an actor or model or dancer. Agents in those disciplines are very often more like artist managers in terms of their scope of activities and responsibilities.

Good Music Needs Great Beats

This article was written to help rappers everywhere discover how to make a living off their music. To do this you need to know the right facts, and you especially need the right instrumentals and beats.

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