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Three Key Considerations Before Choosing a Structure For Music Businesses

Merely going to an accountant to set up a business structure without prior knowledge can land someone in an amount of trouble and sometimes even loss of money. Let’s explore the three main types or structures briefly:

Three Things You Should Avoid In Your First Album

When the album is finally finished there is always that sigh of relief that this is over. Apart from that there is a great sense of achievement and excitement at what will happen and perhaps how it will be received by members of the public.

Three Elements That Should Be In Your First Album

The album is still one of the key methods of maximizing income as well as a means of establishing credibility for an artist within a genre. It is also a way of giving the fans a part of the artist/musician’s experience or life in a musical way.

Seven Reasons Why You Need a Music Business Plan

A Business Plan is a formal document that can be used to map out the career path or business process the artist/musician/label wants to take in an effort to be established within the music business. It can also be used to obtain the necessary financial rewards for their efforts. So why is a business plan so crucial?

Beat Makers United – Resources to Make Beats Online

This is the digital age and digital tools are available for you to utilize in creating your own beats. So where do I go? How do I start? Do I really need thousands of dollars in equipment to make beats? How do I sell my beats? Can’t I just buy beats?

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