Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Scorpions , U2, Nirvana – Now That’s What I Call Power Ballads 80’s 90’s

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The Free Mastering Example – An Important Tool To Assist In Choosing Online Mastering

The gratis mastering example is a powerful tool for a musician or record label in helping choose the right online mastering. This short article offers some advice on how to interpret the mastering example file and help make the right decision for your musical release.

Comprehensive List of US Record Labels

The amount of record labels in the US is astonishing and while most of them are related to the bigger corporations, they handle themselves independently and are always looking for new talent. There are three categories of record labels in the music business; major labels, subsidiaries and indie labels. Indie labels are very affluent these days but beware; many of these so-called labels can be very shady and dishonest. For this reason, the following list regroups the most important major labels and subsidiaries in the United States.

RnB Beats – How to Get Radio Airplay As a Rapper or Singer!

A big part of music promotion is getting radio play. Whether it’s your local radio station or the new online radio stations, the exposure you can get as a rapper or singer from radio is crazy. In this Rap Beats and R&B Beats support article I’ll give you tips on how to get some serious radio play and exposure. This article is part of a series on how to become a successful rapper or singer. You can view all the articles in this series on the author’s page.

Hip Hop Beats: Making Them The Easy Way!

The beat of hip hop has been around the waves since the late 1970s. By definition it is defined as Rap, boxing or scratching. It has continued to grow in popularity each and every year. This article will supply direction on how to learn this beat style.

DJ Guide

Being a DJ and living in the awesome world of a great DJ, is a totally amazing way to not only live life but also make a living! Let this article be the start of your DJ guide!

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