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Short Cuts To Music Business Success

Skype is utilized by a lot to music business people for Vocal Lessons, Business Meetings, international calls, and the like. Niklas Zenntrom and Janus Friis, the owners of Skype, landed a windfall of over $700 million when Microsoft bought their business. Apart from the being intrigued by the size of their pockets, I was fascinated that the owners had formed many other tech companies before landing the idea of Skype.

What to Consider When Planning Your Music Business Career

Having a career plan is vital within the Music Business. It is even more important for a self employed artist to seriously consider how they plan to increase their fortunes over their working years. What seems incredibly surprising is the small number of musicians/artists that give this area of their development the kind of attention it deserves.

The Music Business Customer and The Internet

The internet offers considerable advantages for communicating with our fan base, clients, and customers. It is low cost, fast, manageable, and can connect you all over the world in seconds. However, many are not using this tool in the most effective manner, simply because they lack the knowledge. To really master the art of using the internet effectively my advice would be to join a few important platforms or networks and maximize them to their fullest.

5 Things to Know About Your Competitors

Some people detest their competitors and some even wish they would just disappear into oblivion. The smart people love their competitors because of the rich source of information they continue to provide. This article will show you what you need to know about your competitors.

How To Estimate Your Potential Revenue

Hopefully with the advent of the internet most of the music business can begin to project more accurately. One of the areas of struggle has always been what the potential sales of any release could be, especially with all the uncertainties that exist within the business sector.

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