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Kara DioGuardi, The Music Studio Producer

While Kara DioGuardi has been having a very successful songwriter and music studio producer career for many years, it wasn’t until she appeared as a judge on American Idol that her name exploded in the industry. Her ability to craft and produce award winning songs one after the other for many different artists has made DioGuardi one of the most sought-after pop songwriter and producer of the 2000’s. Her collaborations have included no other than pop royalty Kylie Minogue and Christina Aguilera, as well as Meat Loaf, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Theory of a Deadman and many others.

Nigel Godrich, The Music Studio Producer

Only a select few producers can claim having their entire career built on a single act: Nigel Godrich, on the other hand, became the renowned music studio producer he is now known to be due mostly to his long-time association with British phenomenon Radiohead. Considered by many fans to be the ‘sixth member’ of the group, Godrich has helped the band defined their unique sound and has brought a breath of fresh air on the international music scene by using dense layers of sounds to create unique recordings. Along with other acclaimed records he has produced, his work with Radiohead has put him on the map as one of our generation’s most in-demand producer.

Andy Johns, The Music Studio Producer

While Andy Johns is known as much for his engineering credits than his music studio producer mentions, his career certainly is one of the most stellar ‘sound’ career of all times. His list of credits includes some of the most impressive names in rock & roll history; Led Zeppelin, the Stones, Van Halen and Joe Satriani, to only name a few. The younger brother of Glyn Johns, Andy quickly established himself in the business and learned production from observing the greatest of them all as we he was working as a sound engineer or revolutionary albums at the young age of 19.

Jimmy Miller, The Music Studio Producer

Unfortunately not from this world anymore, Jimmy Miller rose to fame as a music studio producer in the late 1960’s after producing a string of albums propelling the Rolling Stones to a whole new level. His insight as a musician and his ability to create a unique sound for every project he has ever worked on made Jimmy Miller a uniquely qualified producer with a highly successful career. He is still deeply mourned in the musical community many years after his death and his input in music history has forever changed the sound of rock & roll.

Latin Percussion, a Company History

Latin Percussion, or LP as they are commonly known, were one of the first companies set up to mass manufacture percussion instruments from around the world, driven by the musical passion of Martin Cohen, a young engineer and keen photographer. In the mid 1950s Mr Cohen started to frequent New Yorks Jazz clubs and came across the famous Birdland club, which is when he first heard Latin Jazz. He soon became a regular visitor and was inspired by percussionists such as Jose Mangual, and by the early 1960s he became hooked on learning the Bongos.

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