Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Scorpions , U2, Led Zeppelin – Now That’s What I Call Power Ballads

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The Rock Music Legend

Rock music has been key in shaping the lives of countless people over the years. Its influence has changed the way music sounds and has created many opportunities in the music industry. Today sampling of older rock tunes is a popular practice, keeping alive the tradition and roots of arguably the most important musical genre ever.

Five Ways for a Small Band to Get Noticed in the Music Industry

Television shows like The X Factor might have given us unrealistic expectations about what it takes to be famous. You might be tempted to assume that music career jobs are a well-defined four-step process. One, tell a sad story; two, belt out a couple of tunes; three, receive the backing of Simon Cowell’s millions; four, live happily ever after.

Coated Guitar Strings

15 years after Coated Guitar Strings were offered to guitarists for the first time by Elixir, alternative major guitar string manufacturers are now finally launching their own equivalents using new production technologies to extend string life with minimal impact on tone. The result of this new level of competition should be a clear progression towards what guitarists have been wanting for years – a string that offers the dramatically extended life of a coated string without any sacrifices as to how their guitar sounds.

I Know How To Bring Female Rappers Together

What is detrimental to the success of future female rappers is unity within the world of Hip-Hop/Rap music and entertainment between female rappers. A wider spectrum of female presence in Hip-Hop music and entertainment can be produced through education, membership association, and community support, however, this is one of the greatest challenges to entertainment in the twenty-first century. There should exist an international organization geared toward the development and support of the people, agencies, organizations and corporations that plan, build, maintain, and improve our communities of female rappers. Working together, these groups contribute to a higher and sustainable quality of female music entertainment and life.

Bono’s Clever Use of Eyewear

Have you ever wondered why U2 frontman Bono is always wearing sunglasses? Certain types of eyewear and sunglasses have become part of our cultural history. You can look like a star in your sunglasses too but not if they have damaged or cracked lenses. Don’t spend all your money buying a new pair of sunglasses just replace your lenses with new ones.

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