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What Independent Musicians Can Learn From Rebecca Black

Indie bands – by now, most of you will have heard of Rebecca Black, and if you haven’t, you will soon. I have a unique perspective on the young phenomenon and her effect on modern music marketing, but let’s go over the back story first.

How To Become A Beat Maker

Do you want to make beats online? Making your own beats can put money in your pocket, a ticket to your dream home and got it made lifestyle. But you need to be good. You also need to get your music out to people, so they can buy it!

Style and Function: Using Creative Decorative Acoustic Panels for Recording Studios

Decorative acoustic panels add a nice touch of form and function into any recording studio. From classic patterns to custom designs, these panels make your studio look and sound better.

What Is Non-Negotiable?

Some things are just non-negotiable. For instance, I recently had a discussion with my husband about our finances. We were discussing what was essential and what could be cut from the budget.

People Will Download Your Music For Free No Matter What

As Trent Reznor himself said, people will download music for free – no matter what. You need to accept this. Period! The record labels have not accepted it. Many artists have not accepted it. But it’s the truth of the modern music industry.

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