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Does a Band Really Need a Label to Be Successful?

How does a local band go about getting fans to listen to their music, tell friends about it, and possibly come out to see a live show or two? Most advice on the subject is sorely misleading, and quite frankly intended to help put money in someone else’s pocket.

Electronic Press Kits – Why Every Artist Needs One And How It Helps Boost Promotion And Sell Music

So you’ve decided to promote and eventually, sell your music online – what now? Hold onto that enthusiasm, you can’t let go of it now or else, the task of promoting your music online would have gone to waste. Assuming you’ve picked the best music distribution agency by now, you’re not about to rest on your laurels just yet. As the music distribution agency uses all its strategies and resources to make sure your brand has an online presence especially for selling, you still have work to do.

DIY Recording: Do It Yourself Recording for Serious Musicians

The mystique of the recording studio and album-making still remains a highlight to those in and out of the music industry. However Indie musicians and hobbyists recording themselves in their homes are quickly closing the gap and unearthing the mystique of the recording studio with DIY Recording setups by utilizing the secrets that made classic recordings classic.

Why Are There Errors in Sheet Music?

Recording artists and performing artists often do not know music notation, so they cannot write down the notes they sing or play. A transcriber, hired by the publishing company, is responsible for transcribing audio into written form. So the writer of the song does not proofread the final product.

How to Market and Sell Your Beats

Most beat selling website of are mainly used by other producers trying to sell their beats. Stock music and production sites have thousands of composers and producers that you have to compete with to be heard.

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