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3 Questions Every Music Business Must Ask

With all the changes taking place in the industry from the transition of digital, from CD based models to subscription based offerings, it’s no wonder that music business people fail to ask some of the basic, fundamental questions. In an environment where many artist/labels are trying to remain profitable, and goggling the entire balls, it is easy to overlook some crucial business elements.

Different Types Of Formats and Their Uses

Although the music business has been driven by technology especially over the last 5 years, certain parts of the business have not changed. For example, great music is still the recipe to success and anyone who tries to replace this with a savvy marketing plan will have a short lived music business career.

How To Get the Right Song!

A while ago I read a book called “The Business of Music Marketing and Promotion by Tad Lathrop and Jim Pettigrew Jr.” a reference book for every music business enthusiast. In that book the writers said a product has 3 components: The Performer, The Performance and The Song.

Top 3 Pillars for Online Success

Over the past 3 years I have spent hundreds of pounds learning about Online Business. I must admit that whilst a lot of time has been wasted, I have come to appreciate that whatever the business, the 3 keys to success are Traffic, Relationships and Products.

Musicians and Artists Are Not in the Business of Selling CD’s or Downloads

I am writing this article at about 2am in the morning because while I was lying in bed listening to a teaching by my mentor Sean Mize he made this statement: “Musicians and Artists are not in the business of selling CDs or Downloads”. This send a bolt of electric through my system because as I said in an article I wrote a while ago regarding radio stations not being in the music business; this statement carries within it an immense amount of truth.

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