Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Scorpions , U2, Led Zeppelin – Now That’s What I Call Power Ballads

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The 10 Secrets to Having a Successful Rap Career

The minimum requirements for being a rapper are having a broad vocabulary, being a great salesman, and having a huge amount of self-confidence. Without these core components, an aspiring rapper has as much of a chance at success as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.

How Apple Killed the Record Store

I love Apple and all things iTunes, but I miss record stores, too. iTunes has killed them off and killed off a favorite Saturday ritual — combing through dusty crates at the record store to find that one track you can’t live without.

It’s Not All Technical – Communication Skills Are Key to Success As a Recording Engineer

I find time and time again that being a freelance recording engineer and music producer, it is my communication skills that are tested as much as if not more than my technical expertise. I therefore would go as far to claim that working as a recording engineer and a studio music producer involves technical skills and communication or people skills in equal measure.

Conquer The Music Scene Through Professional Recording Services

Having a killer tune does not necessarily mean that you are already poised to take the music scene by a storm. There are still a lot of things that you have to cover to get yourself to where you want to be with your new music track. It is imperative that your release makes the cut when it comes to commercial standards.

Christmas CDs – Top 10 Favorite Albums

New Christmas CDs are released every year. Holiday albums are the best way to inspire holiday spirit–but which are the ones that people love most? Here’s a list of the top 10 favorites from past and current decades.

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