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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Music Industry

The music industry itself sells recordings, performances and compositions of music. This industry is not the easiest market to get into, but it isn’t necessarily considered the hardest either. There are a number of music industry jobs available to those seeking a career within the music industry including but not limited to:

Tips for the Indy Musician

Nearly everyone has dreamt of being in a band at some point in their lives. That fact that you came over to this specific category of articles tells me that you must be one of the many. I am not a rock star, but I am a very encouraged, aspiring musician and I simply want to share some do’s and don’ts that I have noticed in the industry and experienced myself. Enjoy!

What Is Music Synchronization?

Many movies or television shows utilize music in their shows. Music heightens a movie’s appeal to its audience. It adds to the emotions that it wants the public to feel. There is probably no movie or television program that does not use a music soundtrack. But do you know that before film outfits can use music, it has to get a license first? Music synchronization or commonly referred to as sync license allows film or television producers to use or sync music to the different forms of media like movies, music videos, commercials and television show. Music synchronization gives the license holder a legal right to use the song or to utilize the music as a soundtrack for films and television programs while the publisher, songwriter and the recording artist receives payment in the form of royalties.

How to Promote Music Production on Facebook

Ever wonder how many producers make a living from using Facebook pages? Well don’t be left out with some free information.

Discover Beat Making Software And Control The Direction of Your Career!

In music, contemporary styles like pop, ‘dance’ and ‘house’ are relative newcomers to the scene. Then again, in their beginnings, they were subjected to the snobbery that is pushing older, more established forms of music towards the brink of extinction. For quite a while, even mainstream styles were hesitant to move with the times and adapt to the technological changes within the music industry…

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