Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Scorpions , U2, Led Zeppelin – Now That’s What I Call Power Ballads

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The Three Greatest Guitar Pickers Of All Time

Who are the three greatest Acoustic Guitar pickers? In my humble opinion these three have to be Doc Watson, Clarence White and Tony Rice, in that order.

How to Be a Singer – Developing Perfect Pitch

For your journey to becoming a good singer, a very important skill you have to develop is the ability to identify specific musical notes… or what professionals would call perfect pitch. Most people would say that the skill of having perfect pitch is something only certain individuals are born with, but recent studies and testimonies have proved that theory to be wrong.

Your Private Home Studio – Why Do-It-Yourself?

Why create your own home recording studio? It’s simple… advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Cons Against Signing A Rap Record Deal

Hey whats good… I want to talk to you about record deals. A lot of my friends are trying to get signed to major labels. I tell them do not do it because I feel in this day and age that is one of the worst things you can do for your music career. The independent movement is popping right now, you can now make tens of thousands and even millions digitally through iTunes or on your own website. In Today’s Industry more and more independent music artists than ever are living off of their music and living their dreams.

Tips For Making It Big in the Music Industry

If the first time you hear your finished song and you have to convince yourself that it’s “OK” and you not jumping up and down with excitement, throw it out, yea that’s right, start over. If You can’t convince yourself its the best song out how do you expect to make someone else believe it is. You are always going to be your biggest critic.

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