Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Scorpions , U2, Led Zeppelin – Now That’s What I Call Power Ballads

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BBC Radio 1, The Inside Story of the Biggest Pop Station in the World

Have you ever given a thought to the role of the pop music disc jockey as he prattles away between the records? I doubt if it has ever crossed your mind, yet every day many millions of people use “music radio” as the soundtrack to their lives. It’s a fact that music radio is more popular than any other type of radio entertainment.

Finding the Beauty of Music Where You Are!

Realizing that music is every where and musicians as well. You can find places to perform no matter where you are.

Mobile Marketing Can Level the Playing Field in the Music Industry

Making it in the music industry is not an easy road to go down but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Ever considered Texting to market yourself or your band? Everyone has a cell phone and for some reason everyone loves texting and receiving text messages. If this wasn’t true then why all the fuss about texting and driving? I’m just showing you that people love the text message idea so much they’re willing to risk their lives over it. Text Message marketing is not just for the big record labels, or the big time artist management teams, you can do it too. It’s not expensive like you’d think and best of all it’s kinda fun.

Songwriter’s Due

Before the age of super digital technology, in fact, well before radio and gramophones were in any form of general use, the main source of income came from the sale of print or sheet music sales. Not surprising when you consider that, the piano was still the main source of home and pub entertainment, right up to the thirties when the family wireless set took over with five million license holders.

Church Sound: The Common Problem in Houses of Worship

Almost every church, temple, synagogue, or other House of Worship shares the common audio problem of intelligibility. Yet, most Houses of Worship throw their money at more electronics instead of addressing the primary problems with their acoustics.

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