Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Scorpions , U2, Led Zeppelin – Billboard’s Top 100 Slow Rock of 80’s 90’s

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Do I Really Need A Record Deal?

It’s always been the number one objective of many an aspiring artist to get a record deal. For most bands and solo performers anything less would be unthinkable. After all, what’s the point of being in the music industry in the first place if you’re not going to secure a license or deal culminating in the sale of records?

Digital Live Mixer Helps You To Achieve A Quality Mix

A mixer is a device that helps to achieve a quality mix, a good sounding sonic image; by maintaining balance, position, effect and equalization of its different audio channels. Professionally, an audio mixer takes the names: sound board, mixing desk or just mixer.

Marketing Your Music Is Key To Your Success In The Music Business

Are you practicing the spray and pray approach to the marketing of your music? If you are… I’m certain that your music business efforts are nowhere near the levels of success that you want them to be. To succeed in today’s new music industry, a systematic approach to campaigning and marketing yourself and your band is essential. Read the following article and see how I reveal some very simple adjustments you can make to your music marketing efforts starting right now which will see you having a marked improvement to your sales and list building efforts.

Matching Biorhythm to the Mood of the Moment

Have you ever wondered why some music feels so right, and it just grabs you, while other types of music turn you off and completely rub you the wrong way? Well there is a little secret in the music industry, and it’s something that the recording industry does each and every year, they take the top songs, and record the number of beats per second, cadence, and rhythm and they store it in a safe. Do you know why this information is so important?

You Could Make More Money Writing and Playing Commercial Jingles

Indeed, I must say I applaud all the garage startup bands of all the teenagers across this great nation who’d like to break into the music industry. As an entrepreneur it makes me smile, as I see they are serious, and they all have big dreams of becoming big-name musicians or rock stars. It is that energy, and way of thinking that makes America great.

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