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Music Business – Airline Business and Cashflow Problems

Recently I watched a documentary on the famous UK no-frills airline owned by Sir Freddie Laker and the ensuing problems that brought the business to a standstill. One might instinctively ask what this has to do with the music business but the problems faced by Skytrain are very similar to those faced by sections of the music business.

Dangers Of Growing Too Fast in the Music Business

The problem with can be applied to some of the music businesses around today who want to conquer the industry in a style reminiscent of Alexander the Great but without paying the price. was growing too fast; having offices all over the world and trying to run before they had learnt to walk.

Indie Music Artists Sponsorships

Music businesses have to rethink their strategies of getting money and in today’s market those opportunities are there but require a greater level of entrepreneurship. Over the past 10 years in particular music users have sought to form partnerships with music owners. On the other hand music owners in particular the labels and artists are seeing this opportunity as a means for obtaining the necessary cash for their business.

Holding Effective Meetings for Music Businesses

There are 3 things you are sure of in life, your birth, paying taxes, and eventual death. In a similar fashion you are sure to be involved in several meetings in your business cycle. Since meetings can take a tremendous amount of time it has become imperative that you have constructive meetings.

All About The Music Business

In any growing business the proprietors are faced with strategic decisions that can either bring progress or decline to the business. In the music business there are always opportunities that should be exploited and those to avoid; the secret is knowing which is which.

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