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The Multitrack Recorder – Still Growing After All These Years

If you are into recording at home you basically have 2 choices for how to set up your home studio: computer-based recording system or a multitrack recorder. Both have their pros and cons but in this short article I want to focus on the advantages of going with the portable recording studio also known as the multitrack recorder.

Cordoba Guitars – What Makes Them So Special?

Cordoba guitars are a quality guitar brand built in Spain using precision hand craftsmanship to create quality classical and flamenco guitars. While concert quality guitars can sell for more than ten thousand dollars, Cordoba guitars offer superior tone and playability at a price that even a novice player can afford. The quality and fantastic attention to even the smallest details make Cordoba guitars among the best on the market.

Live Sound and Stage Equipment

Setting up live stage sound is no mean task. Taking in the size of the stage, the strength of the crowd, the instruments used etc, has a lot to do with how well you bring together musical products. There is a wide range of products available in the market. Depending on the kind of show you propose to have, choosing the right mix becomes very important.

Music Recording Equipment

The quality of any music depends upon the quality of recording and the music recording equipment used. The quality of each and every device used in recording makes a difference in the excellence of the music. While the primary equipment required to record music is a microphone there are other supporting devices that add to the superiority of the recording.

Free Software For Music Production

Free software for music production is a great way to get started in composing your own music. However you’ll quickly find that as you delve into creating more and more beats the limitations of these free software applications will become apparent.

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