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Some Ideas on Ways to Make a Living With Your Musical Skills

Of course change being the only constant, the music industry has changed into a new landscape of opportunity for independent music. Independent artists can now use the internet to share and sell their music, making them an enterprise in themselves. And being enterprising, it may be worth considering how your musical skills could generate more income for you. There are many transferable skills you are not even aware you have and you could be paid for.

Dave Mason Is Feelin’ Alright in a Recent Interview

Dave Mason headlines Hippiefest 2011 at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater on Saturday August 27th. Dave will be sharing the stage with an impressive lineup of classic rock hitmakers.

My Top 5 Les Paul Guitars Of All Time

Les Paul was an iconic guitarist and the guitars he endorsed ended up in the hands of many great players. Many of those guitars became famous in their own right due to their beauty and sound. Here are my top 5 Les Paul guitars of all time.

Becoming a Rapper

Nowadays there are a lot of people aspiring to be rappers and little to no one that actually tries to improve on the quality of their lyrical content or how they flow over a beat. A lot of people believe that being a rapper is as simple as picking up a microphone and finding a hot beat to “spit” over. On the contrary, writing clever lyrics that flow good over a beat is a difficult task and requires practice.

Three Ways To Get Yourself Into A Band – Make The Hookup

Promoting and supporting live music at all different levels is one of the things that I am passionate about. After all, most bands get their start by playing live as this is usually how they are discovered. Making it big in the music business is a dream of many musicians, and some never even get the chance.

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