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How Does an Audio Mixing Console Work? (And Their Use in Online Mastering)

Mixing consoles are the workhorse of a studio, they allow signals to be recorded or mixed to be controlled and routed within the console to get the music mix sounding great. They are not very common in online mastering studios however they do exist and this articles explains the basics of the functionality of a mixing console and why they are a vital part of studio life.

Online Mastering: Mastering Studios Are There to Help Your Music Sound Polished

Online mastering has come of age, however when you choose your mastering studio do be aware of the wide variety of quality that can be found in the online market. Engineer skill will vary and so will the equipment being used. This short article will help with some pointers on how to navigate the mine field that is the online mastering world.

Child Stars Via YouTube – A New Trend to Discovering New Talent?

Today, we all own computers and we all can easily and quickly access YouTube. This modern technology has already helped a great deal to launch the now massively successful teenage artist, Justin Bieber, and was the source of recent discoveries involving two Canadian girls who are definitely along their way to stardom. Now that anyone can display their talent online, perhaps the truly talented artists will rise above the fabricated ones.

Home Music Recording Software – There Is A New One In Town

If you are looking for a pro-level beat maker be sure and read this in its entirety. Whether you are a seasoned pro or complete beginner, and you just want to crank out beats, not learn awkward software, then this home music recording software is for you.

Online Mastering – An Introduction

Online mastering is a production process which is often misunderstood and this short article gives a basic explanation into the quality of listening that a mastering engineer has developed and why it is valuable in the final stages of production for both corrective and quality control purposes. Online mastering is a valuable way to ensure your music is optimized for all the music playback systems that it will meet in its life cycle.

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