Best Slow Rock – Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Nirvana , Aerosmith, U2, Led Zeppelin – I Call Power Ballads

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Live Entertainment

Live entertainment can be great for any occasion or party. It is a sure way to get your party started and almost certainly get every up and dancing! You can look at live bands for hire or even a great DJ? The type of band you go for depends on the style of music you want, are you looking for a soul band, funk band, pop band or maybe even a cover band that will perform all your favorite tunes? Or you may even want something more relaxed such as a great swing band or classical band? Whatever your choice, a great place to start is with an entertainment agency who will give you all the choice you could want and also offer great advice before booking.

What A Producer Does And Why You Should Consider Using One

Working as a producer for the last fifteen years, I’ve recorded with all kinds of artists from “fresh off the boat” newbies to artists whose experience in the world of music doubles or even triples my own. In every case, my role as a producer stays essentially the same. It’s that role that I’m going to describe in this article.

Tour, Interrupted

The summer of 2011 Vans Warped Tour has left a lot to be desired for many of its loyal fans. With a bulk of the musicians offering emo/screamo, only a few punk bands are taking the stage and it’s a bit of a disappointment for long time followers of the tour.

Church Sound: What Is Feedback?

Feedback is that loud squealing sound that can come from any sound system. However, knowing what it is and knowing the techniques to prevent it from happening can help coax the maximum performance out of your sound system.

Using Bass Traps to Improve Sound Quality in Small Churches

For small churches, using bass traps can enhance the sound quality from the audio system. From the preachers voice to the musical accompaniment, everything will sound clear and crisp with these installed.

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