Best Slow Rock Rock Ballads 70′ 80′ 90′ Playlits – Scorpions, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, U2, Aerosmith

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Mp3 DJ Mixer – The Techniques In Creating Beautiful Music

“Oh my God, What a mind-blowing DJ you are!” such a compliment from numerous pretty women would surely be quite sufficient for your fame and for a successful career. You may want to know the secret of becoming a DJ.

Free Information From The Ultimate Music Success Seminar

The Ultimate Music Success Seminar will be held on November 19th, 20th, & 21st at the Grammy Museum at LA Live in the heart of Los Angeles. The point of the seminar is to give a limited number of up-and-coming music artists insights into and connections with leading professionals in the music business. The event was created by talent manager Ken Kragen who knows that it takes more than talent and drive to be a success in an industry as complicated and large as the recording and concert scene.

Build Your Portfolio With A Free DJ Mixer

Hey friends! Have you ever thought of having an immense but a diversely glorious collection of songs? If not, then here you go. If you have ever gone to some music parties or marriage functions, you probably see a person called DJ, making the couples involved in romantic dance. He simply makes the environment appealing through his awesome collection of passionate songs with no breaking between the two songs. A free DJ mixer provides you with incredibly huge mixing features so that you can build your own grand portfolio. Such an assorted collection will never let your guests be bored in your music party. You can really make the feast rocking and charming by the incorporation of such software.

Hip Hop Promotion Tips: The Best Way to Get Noticed In a Major Way

Hip hop promotion is a subject that many believe is a task that they must spend lots of money on in order to sell albums. In this article I will show you the correct way of thinking about hip hop promotion that will get you results. I will also provide you with insight about your product that will help you understand yourself as an artist and what you should be doing to take it to the next level.

Build A Career in Film Scoring and Production by Enrolling in a Music School

For students hoping to be successful filmmakers or film composers, enrolling in a contemporary music school can help them learn the fundamentals of film scoring and production. They will get the chance to mingle with other musicians and aspiring film directors in a world-class educational facility.

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