Best Slow Rock Rock Ballads 70′ 80′ 90′ Playlist – Scorpions, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, U2, Aerosmith

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A Step by Step Approach to Making it in the Music Industry

The movie business, the television industry, government espionage…certain industries exude an air of impenetrability. If you want to be a nurse or a bookkeeper or a banker, the path to that career goal is very linear and no great mystery: go to college or a trade school, learn the craft and apply for a job at a hospital, accountant’s office or local thrift and loan.

Become a Successful Rap Music Producer in 5 Steps

The entertainment industry and especially music, clubbing and rap industries are fascinating domains for me. Many teenagers have the desire to do something in the entertainment which is fine and my advice is to do something in this domain if you feel that have something to say/sing/produce.

How to Sign to a Record Label For New Artists

First of all you should know where you stand in terms of talent and skills, because it is very important that you remember that the music industry is very competitive. Only the best of best with a bit of luck can survive while the rest don’t even get noticed. So it is important for you to know how good you are and what makes you the best. If you are sure that you got the stuff to make it big then you can give it all and test your luck.

Why the Music Industry Works the Way it Does

The music industry has one great difference which sets it apart from most other industries. The difference is a lack of certification or licenses.

Where Can I Promote My Music? The Only Answer You Need!

If you’re one of those people that often ask yourself “where can I promote my music” you’ve navigated to the perfect place. So many musicians and artists struggle to sell their music online and on the street because of a simple misunderstanding of the music business. Many people back in the day didn’t have the resources like the Internet like we have today.

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