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Why a Partnership Agreement Is Important

Many individuals in the Music Business work together without any form of agreement whatsoever and rarely discuss pertinent matters before the work begins; neither are there written agreements after the work commences. But the saying in the music industry is that “where there is a hit there is a rite.” Therefore contracts or other types of legal documents are essential when working with others. Although there are no legal requirements it is advisable to have a partnership agreement when working with someone.

Record Deals From YouTube Views!

Many music business people may frown at the prospect of being signed through a viral campaign and may prefer the traditional methods of finding an act form a live venue, but we cannot ignore the strength of finding an act from a social media site. Since one of the objectives of a label is to find saleable acts, millions of views on a credible act are an indication that the public will at the least be somewhat interested in supporting the act.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Partnerships in the Music Business

In whatever capacity we work in the Music Business, some sort of collaboration is inevitable after a period of independence. The type of working relationship can vary from joint ventures, to featuring on one or two songs, to Partnerships. Hence we can consider the advantages and disadvantages of being in a partnership.

The Formative Years of a Music Producer

Music production is a popular career choice today. It attracts people from different backgrounds and musical tastes. The attraction, money and fame it can bring for an individual is still a lure for those who are capable and incapable. Whatever the route someone chooses to take, there seems to be some common threads found in the lives of well known producers that can be learnt by those already in their production careers as well as those in their formative years.

How Much Can Music Producers Earn?

Someone easily says that the Music Business is so unfair when you hear of the differences between the fees earned by top producers like Quincy Jones, Will I Am and Timberland compared to Phil in his bedroom somewhere. The amount of money can range from 0-250k per track if you are a top producer.

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