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Benefits of SORBER Sound Baffles

Whether in a recording studio, on a stage or in a church environment the need for high quality sound is essential to truly enjoying the music experience. However different instruments, particular acoustics and sound reverberation can all have an adverse effect on the sound being produced and if you want to temper overpowering instruments and control sound reflection consider using high quality SORBER sound baffles. Made from rigid 1.5″ thick compressed fiberglass and encased in heavy duty trunk cloth SORBER baffles are easy and effective ways to contain sound in a recording studio or on a church or theater stage.

Rainbow and Deep Purple Vocalist Joe Lynn Turner Chats One on One

The ALL STAR ROCK TOUR arrives at Progress Energy Center’s Mahaffey Theater this Saturday June 4th in St Petersburg. Joe and I got to speak on Thursday. Here’s my interview with a great singer/songwriter and nice guy- Joe Lynn Turner.

Labels Don’t Invest Anymore

There just isn’t the investment being put in to the record anymore. If you’re signed to a record company they aren’t spending what they used to, they can’t afford to. They’ll be unlikely to afford a top rate producer but just allocate a recording budget that will do little more than suffice.

The Golden Era for Rock Shows

I don’t miss going to gigs. I spent the best part of 25 years either with bands I was working with or choosing to go and see others in the time I had off. And looking back I saw pretty much everyone I wanted to.

The New Stacy Lattisaw – Been Through the Fire and I’m Not the Same Girl!

In 1980 when young Stacy Lattisaw belted out the hit song, “Let Me Be Your Angel”, she had no idea that the lyrics would be prophetic. Fast forward to today, we have Stacy Lattisaw-Jackson, the Minister and Motivational Speaker, CEO, wife of 19 years and mother of two teenagers. Speaking to Stacy was gratifying because she knows where she’s been, what she has, and where she’s going.

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