Best Slow Rock Love Songs Nonstop ? Scorpions, Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, U2, Aerosmith

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The Best Beatmaker DUBTurbo Review!

Do you possess musical talent, but lack the resources and time to get into a professional studio. You can now start your very own imaginary studio using nothing put your PC or mac and the DUBTurbo software. Actually you can be producing top quality beats within minutes of purchasing the software!

The DUBTurbo Beatmaker Contents List

This is a list of the features of the beat making software called DUBTurbo. I have been using this software for a few months and cant believe how productive you can be using it. It has sped up my production time tenfold. I sell my beats here and their and promote my beats on most if the social networking sites. I have gone from a few orders a month to ten or more a week. I’m making professional sounding music faster than i could have ever imagined. I will try to list all the features i can remember there is a ton!

Recording Your Band – 10 Steps to Prepare for a Recording Session at the Studio

How to prepare your band before going to a recording studio. Time in a recording session goes really fast so its really important to prepare to get the most out of it. These are goods steps to take before going to the studio and get the best recordings possible.

The Bieber Fever Phenomenon Hits the World

Do you have the Bieber fever? Well, millions of people of all ages have the bug. It seems to be quite contagious. I find myself humming Baby, Baby, Oh unexpectedly on occasion. The Justin Bieber phenomenon was once an everyday Canadian boy, but since gaining worldly notoriety in 2008, he has become a full pledged celebrity! This amazingly talented seventeen year old released an EP as well as an album within the first few months of being discovered on YouTube and has now become a superstar in the music industry.

Different Types of MIDI Keyboards

When you say MIDI keyboard you’re talking about a variety of electric or digital keyboards out there. Unlike before where only special keyboards were able to do MIDI, nowadays almost all modern electric keyboards are MIDI compatible. You can’t miss them – they’re the ones with the MIDI In & Out slots in the back.

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