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Independent Music – Record Labels Not Needed?

Record labels have long been what every musician has aimed for, but with the rise of illegal downloading and record labels being more tight with their cash, is releasing your music independently the way forward? And what are the benefits?

Sonic Producer Vs a Recording Studio – What is the Best Way to Make Rap Music?

If you are interested in hip hop and rap music then there will probably come a time when you fancy having a go at making your own music. Unfortunately although some of the beats that you hear in the chart toppers sound quite basic and it is easy to think “I can do that!” although quite a lot goes into making rap and hip hop music. You know if you have listened to one of your favourite tracks that it is all about quality!

Make Music Online in the Rap Beat Industry

The amazing new technology that allows us to make music online is sweeping the planet! The software available is affordable and of high quality, and YOU retain all artistic license for the great beats you create at home on your computer. Forget about equipment fees and having to schedule your time around other musicians.

Which Music Producing Software Should I Choose?

There are certain things you should keep in mind when you are choosing your music producing software. I found it helpful to talk get the opinions of other musicians and producers in the industry. These are the people who know the most about the best music producing software out there.

Online Music Production – How to Produce Great Music From the Comfort & Convenience of Your Own Home

Interested in online music production? Read this article and you would be surprised how many thousands of your musically minded peers have already jumped onto the bandwagon with this amazing new technology.

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