Best Slow Rock Ballads 80’s 90’s – Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith,Nirvana , U2

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DJ Newbie – Should You Do DIY Speakers Stands Or Buy New DJ Speaker Stands

When you are just starting as a budding DJ newbie and are getting the necessary music and equipment put together, you may come across the idea that you need to place your DJ speakers on speaker stands. So you are wondering if DIY speakers stands are a good idea or whether you should buy DJ speaker stands…

Artist Management – Is It a Matter of Semantics?

The term Artist Manager as it is used in the entertainment industry will most often mean the person who oversees the “Big Picture” for the artist’s development and forward movement toward career success. I offer a new thought strategy to take your career beyond next level.

Make Beats Online With Your Own Computer

If you are looking to start creating killer music tracks and making awesome beats right on your very own computer or laptop then you have come to the right place! Until now, you have probably been frustrated and even a little pissed off to find that even starting out in this industry normally requires a whole lot of expensive equipment and a pretty full on knowledge and understanding of music production especially if you want your beats to actually sound good!

Rap Beats Are An Evolution Of Sound

Music is always changing, evolving, and improving. Every day musicians all over the world are creating music they hope can be heard all over the world.Β  People make music for many reasons just to have fun or as a way to earn serious money.

Purchasing An Exclusive Beat

Once you obtain an exclusive beat, you were competent to pay or procure a beat that inhibits a limited ownership. It just suggests that the beat can be used barely by persons who were able to produce it or have rewarded for the rights of the product.

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