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Tips For Entering the Music Business – For Vocalists and Musicians

For the would-be musician or vocalist, it is often difficult to determine where to begin when pursuing a career in the music business. However, there are a wide variety of different ways to establish yourself in your chosen craft. Society needs musicians to fill many roles. Find your niche and realize your dreams! This article explains ways in which musicians can begin cultivating a career in the music industry.

What Is “Good Enough” For Your Record Demo?

Do you want to risk sending in a low-quality demo to A&R guys at a record label? What is the most common trap new artists with small budgets fall into? How can a professional recording studio help you reach the next level in your musical career?

Money and The Industry – Making It In Music With Little or No Money

Making money in the music industry is a complex task. However, bands no longer need to borrow millions to put out a record, tour, and sell merchandise. Technological tools have lowered the costs associated with many of the most important aspects of creating a professional presentation for a musician’s career. This article discusses some ways to build buzz on a budget.

Giving Your Fans The Real Deal

Are you tired of playing gigs where there are more empty seats than paying fans? Are you tired of making enough from your merchandising table to cover your bar tab at the end of the night?

Make Your Own Music Beats With the Touch of a Button

When you hear some of those great beats on the radio, do you find yourself thinking how did they create those? Better yet, are you thinking I could do that? If so, you just might be in luck. Technology has been a good friend to amateur musicians. In fact, the music making software on the market has made many amateur musicians dreams of composing come true.

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