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R&B is the popular name for the Rhythm and Blues, a new genre of music that evolved in the 1940’s and the 1950’s. Though this kind of music was first created by the African Americans, it slowly started getting around and almost all kinds of people started liking this unique music.

How Are Record Labels Looking for Talent?

Record labels are companies associated with the music industry. Many companies are involved with the production, marketing, distribution and manufacture and promotion of music. They provide the necessary infrastructure such as studios and help established singers as well as fresh ones to bring their musical products to the market.

What Are the List of Hip Hop and R&B Record Labels?

Hip hop and R&B are genres of music of African American origin. There are many companies or labels promoting, distributing, and producing this genre of music.

What is Audio Mastering? – Part One

The Mastering Process has changed a lot over the years thanks to the advances in technology & computers. Traditionally the Mastering process was only a transfer stage.

What Are Independent R&B Record Labels?

In the music industry, a record label is a trademark belonging to a company who sponsors musicians, singers and looks after the production, management, and distribution of the music CD’s or videos. They market the musical product. They enter into contracts with the singers and also search for new talent in the industry and promote it. The label shows the details of the manufacturer on the record along with their trademark symbol and other information.

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