Best Slow Rock Ballads 80s, 90s ? Scorpions, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, U2, Nirvana, Ledzeppelin

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Body Language Is The First Language – Teaching Dance to the Deaf

Not long ago, I was talking to a PhD dance instructor who spent a good part of her career in Washington DC teaching dance to the deaf, along with teaching at the university level dance instructions to all different sorts of groups. She would often take deaf dancers on tour to cities around the world. The audiences and crowds loved it, and were amazed at how good these dancers were. The PhD dance instructor noted that it was easier to teach dance to the deaf because they queued off of each other’s body language.

Multi-Track Recording and Musicians

Many of today’s musicians will enter the studio expecting to overdub, punch, and edit and hadn’t even been planning on trying for a perfect take. A recording can be made in this manner, but where is the excitement? Where is the energy? And what happens to the same musician when he or she tries to perform the piece in public?

Be Ready for the Next Multi Talented Star – Miguel Aguila

Miguel Aguila is a 16 year old multi-talented star in the making. He is the newest and latest addition to Viva Entertainment’s constellation of stars and his popularity is certainly on the rise. This charming young man does not just possess an awesome voice and great talent, but he is also very good looking.

Things To Know About Used Upright Pianos

The piano is a grand musical instrument. The lilting melody that a piano produces matches the others in terms of listening pleasure. So, piano has always been a favorite among musicians across the globe. Whether you want to make classical music for solo performance or as an accompaniment, the piano is often in demand. However, a brand new piano costs a handsome amount, anything between $3,000 to as high as $100,000. Hence, you can always start your musical journey with used upright pianos.

Producing Music on a Budget – The Costs of Hiring Session Musicians for a Track

For bands or a singer-songwriters who wish to include instruments in a track which they don’t play themselves, it is relatively simple to hire in the services of session musicians to turn up and play in the studio… but when hiring in the professionals, how can costs be kept with a budget?

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