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The File Sharing Myth

According to a recent survey conducted by UK Music (which represents the collective interest of the UK’s commercial music industry from artists, musicians song writers and composers, to record labels, music managers, music publishers, collecting societies and studio producers), 85% of illegal downloaders say they would be interested in paying for an unlimited, all-you-can-eat download service. This is very different to the misinformation prevalent within the music industry.

What Music Business Executives Do Not Want You To Know

I was recently speaking to a client who informed me of all that he had tried to do in getting his music placed with labels and publishers. I could sense his frustration because unless you are applying to Pop Idol or XFactor no record executive has any need to reply to your unsolicited packages.

Video Killed The Radio Star – Making The Music Video

Music video production is one of the many forms of visual communication. Learn to make a D-I-Y style music video and you can share your music with the rest of the world!

Band Booking Agencies – The Idiot’s Guide To Gaining An Agent’s Service

Band booking agencies and their services are highly sought by entertainers that want a little extra help with handling clients and bookings, while there are privileged and famous bands that work through multiple agencies many up and coming bands struggle to attract a single agent. Even if you’ve been through situations in the past where others have tried to discourage you from following your passion there’s hope, you’ve probably struggled to even speak to an agent but by changing your approach you can turn the tables around and get agents looking for you. There are three key areas…

3 Tips for Promoting Your Band on Twitter

Twitter is a great social networking website for the typical internet user, but its content sharing functionality is especially popular among bands. If you are a musician and are looking for ways to increase your reach online, check out these 3 tips for promoting your band on Twitter.

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