Best Slow Rock 70’s 80’s 90’s – Scorpions, Bon Jovi, U2 , Nirvana, Led Zeppelin

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SonyVegas Pro 10 – Audio and HD Video Editing Software

Sony Vegas Pro 10 is a pro audio, HD video, editing software. This new version has a lot of new and improved functions–making it well worth upgrading from Vegas Pro 9.

Take Yourself to the Top With the Best Beat Software!

You no longer have to own a horrendously expensive sound studio to produce music, the affordability of modern beat software will allow anyone to unleash their talent and create their music. Even the best beat software can be afforded by almost anyone!

Landing On Your Record Deal

From your childhood you must have loved playing music and naturally have formed your band. Now you wish to take the band and tour the whole country to showcase your music and hope to get the attention of a recording company to be able to cut an album. Let us tell you and prepare you with some good tips in this direction so that it will be useful for you to work in that direction.

How To Get Your Dream Record Deal

From your love for music, it is obvious that you wish to make a career with music and take your band to places. Music is your life and your dreams are made of concerts and someday you hope to cut a deal with a music recording company. Well, nothing stops you from working towards it from today itself.

Building Your Own Facebook Fan Pages

Did you know there is a free tool that could be helping you promote your music and you are probably not making full use of it? That tool is the Facebook fan page.

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