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Does It Really Matter What Guitar Cable I Use?

Ask this question in a room full of musicians and you may trigger a Civil War! Everyone has an opinion and it seems that the more complex the explanation, the less real information you get! While it is true that expensive guitar cables are not necessarily the best in quality and sound, it is also true that cheap cables will never perform as well or last as long. As I have stated in past, it will always ultimately be your decision, based on facts, price and “the test drive”!

Starting Out in the Music Industry, the Pros and the “Con Man”

Everyone always hears the tales of sharks and snakes and con men in the entertainment industry. But I’m just a songwriter from Washington, DC, they can’t get me. Or could they? This is the story of my first encounter with Joe the Snake.

Artists: A Look at the New Music Industry

The way money is made in the music industry has changed with the birth of the internet. Read to find out what artists should know, and how to get your own piece of the pie.

Lessons I Have Learned As a Young Person in the Music Industry

As a young person working in the music industry, I have had several highs and plenty of lows. I started working in the industry when I was fourteen by starting my own organization. This organization is based on a series of benefit concerts to promote awareness for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy and to help raise funding for a cure.

Breaking Into the Music Business Without Going Broke – How to Make Your Music Famous

Are you trying to market your music or your band? What marketing strategies are right for you? How do you even begin? Marketing tips for promoting music herein.

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