Alternative Indie Rock Guitar Backing Track A Major

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The Origin and Influence of Lover’s Rock Reggae

Lover’s rock is a British sub-genre of reggae that focuses on romance. It originated in the late 70’s when the owners of London’s soundsystems started cutting romantic ballads with young women singing; and many of the classic tracks date from roughly 1978 to 1985

The Job Title: Recording Engineer or Music Producer

In recording studios, there is a fine line between being a recording engineer and becoming a music producer. It is the point at which the role changes from a technical task to an artistic contribution. And it can be quite the frustration.

Do I Need Live Entertainment at My Event?

Nowadays for any event or party be it a wedding, a bar mitzvah, seminar, corporate event, launch event, college festival, cultural gala etc. live entertainment has become a necessity. We do not think twice before deciding to hire a tribute band or a celebrity impersonator for the event.

The Traveling Lighting Designer

Have you been to any concerts recently where you have seen special effects such as bubbles or confetti falling from the air, or perhaps, the lights that sweep across the tops of the crowds? Did you ever wonder how they work or who is responsible for them? This is a short introduction of what a Lighting Designer does and how they can create those memorable moments for every concert you have seen.

The Importance Of Dance Therapy In Boosting the Mood

Dance classes are more often taken as a rite of passage for elementary school girls than as a means of therapy. However, a greater number of scientific evidences indicate dance classes providing a plethora of psychological benefits, right from greater calm and elevated mood to a heightened sense of control and fulfillment.

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