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The Music Industry and Tailored Tracts for Working Out

Have you ever walked past someone who was jogging along silently singing, their lips were moving but they were not saying anything, obviously they were listening to music. Just as when you see someone at a stop light with their head bobbing along and singing, not realizing how silly they look. They are in their own happy emotional space allowing the vibrational energy to run through them, not a care in the world, and loving every minute of it. Well, there does seem to be an emotional and physical bond of arousal when it comes to music. Especially for those working out.

Music to Motivate Your Writing or Writing to Motivate Your Music Making

Most folks have their favorite music in mind throughout the day, sometimes they hum it when they are not even thinking. Sometimes you can hear people singing as they are walking around town or just sitting at a coffee shop. In many regards humans are a lot like little song birds when they are all happy and content. That’s a good thing isn’t it?

Jante’s Law And What It Means For Your Music Career

Jante’s Law is defined as a pattern of group behavior that discourages any person’s individual success and achievement within a community. The law can be broken down into ten rules…

When Is It Smarter to Use Delay or Reverb?

I had a conversation a while ago with a fellow mixing engineer and we started talking about some live sound tips. We talked about the various techniques we use when mixing live sound when we started talking about vocal processing.

7 Creative Ways to Use the Chorus Effect

The chorus effect is one of those modulation effects everybody kind of knows how to use but they always seem to use it the same way. Maybe you just use it for an eighties clean sound, or for distorted rock solos. But there are a few different ways you can use chorus, all on different instruments with different agendas. Read on for 7 creative ways to use chorus.

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